From the moment you walk up to Gorsebrook Park, you will notice nature holding it in its embrace. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the penthouse suites. Floor to ceiling windows invite light, and the very sky, inside, including breathtaking sunrises and sunsets for which you have a front row seat.

The feeling of expansiveness continues in both the penthouse layouts and design features. Every penthouse is a stunning corner suite and features a great room larger than many apartments. Wide, rolling “barn doors” deliver privacy yet airiness when open, while master bedrooms are tucked away down private corridors.

At Gorsebrook Park, the penthouse suites are an opportunity to experience design and nature on a new level. 

1,000 SQ.FT.
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914 SQ.FT.
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1,667 SQ.FT.
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989 SQ.FT.
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