From the developers of Southport comes something new and decidedly different. A city escape located close to the hub and brought to life through a fusion of modern architectural design and pastoral serenity. Scaled, configured, and designed to complement both the neighbourhood and the surrounding greenscape, Gorsebrook Park is a condominium residence that offers not only sophistication and strong contemporary appeal, but also the unique: parkside living in the heart of the South End.

Your entrance as a signifier of what is to come. At Gorsebrook Park modernity rules.

An entranceway frames the life of a building. Your exits, entrances, comings and goings. It’s the feature that announces “you’re home”. It also establishes the tone and architectural gravitas of the building. In our interpretation, Gorsebrook Park’s entrance manifests its spirit: modern, sophisticated, understated enough to be compatible with the neighbourhood, but with a signature all its own.

A spare interior design that keeps the park in full view.

Often the biggest design impact happens not by what you put in, but rather by what you leave out. In this minimalist spirit we’ve designed a simple yet elegant double-height lobby with a full-glass entranceway – a design decision that not only fills the lobby with natural light but enables you, on entry, to see right through to Gorsebrook Park beyond.

Located just past the lobby, an indoor dining and common room takes full advantage of our ground floor’s two-storey height. Exit the common room and just a few steps down you find an outdoor lounge; this extended open air living room allows for relaxation and events, and also has the added benefit of looking out onto an element that is, by association, your backyard: the park.